Fields of specialization

  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Molecular pathology
  • DNA manipulation and sequencing
  • Magnetic bead technology
  • Biotech research support
  • Technology transfer

Services available:

  • Direct sales representation
  • Brochure and web content development
  • Technical writing
  • Customer and sales team training
  • Executive science advising


A brief flyer summarizing our services is available here.
New Biology Resources has expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Marketing brochures and web content are effective only when they reach target readers at their level. Marketing pieces must be engaging, simple, and enjoyable, but also credible -- demonstrating that the company possesses technical competence and command of the technology they are selling.

    NewBioRes offers expertise in building effective marketing pieces that showcase New Biology technologies.

  • Sales and Sales training
  • Sales teams that target researchers or clinicians in biotech, biopharm, or molecular diagnostics need adequte understanding of the technical needs of their customers. Enhanced technical knowledge increases credibility, and helps in finding new sales opportunities and in closing appropriate deals.

    NewBioRes provides expertise in sales to researchers and clinicians. We also offer technical training and documentation for sales teams that target these markets.

  • Technical writing and customer training
  • Clients and customers need documentation that is technically rigorous, but written at a level appropriate to their knowledge base. In some cases, they may also need classroom-style education or individual hands-on training.

    NewBioRes offers expert technical writing and customer training services.

  • Science advising
  • Expert outside scientific and medical consultants are essential to the success of any biotechnology company. However, they can only be helpful when their business contacts understand the language they use and fully grasp the technical implications of alternative business plans.

    NewBioRes provides expert science advising and intermediary services to help companies interact effectively with outside scientists and physicians.