Fields of specialization

  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Molecular pathology
  • DNA manipulation and sequencing
  • Magnetic bead technology
  • Biotech research support
  • Technology transfer

Services available:

  • Direct sales representation
  • Brochure and web content development
  • Technical writing
  • Customer and sales team training
  • Executive science advising

What is the New Biology ?

The publication of the first human genome sequence in 2001 marked the beginning of a period of explosive growth and proliferation in biology. Since then, entire new sciences have been born and radically new techniques have been developed. Biological data can now be generated so rapidly that it resembles water from a fire hose.

Medical applications have mushroomed. Developments include DNA and RNA based diagnostics, new classes of therapeutics, and inventive new devices and procedures. "Personalized medicine" is now a familiar term, which points us to a world in which medicine is custom-tailored to each individual's personal genetic makeup.

Together, these developments make up the "New Biology" -- an emerging science driven by ever deeper understandings of the molecular basis of life. The New Biology is here to stay. It holds tremendous promise and continues to expand into new arenas.

The role of New Biology Resources

The commercial implications of the New Biology are enormous. For companies in this sector, an essential need is effective communications with the sophisticated and highly specialized scientists and physicians who drive technical advances and then move them into the real world.

These people are the lifeblood of any NewBio company. They are suppliers, advisors, colleagues, and in many cases, customers as well. NewBioRes facilitates productive interactions between companies and the M.D. and Ph.D. level physicians and scientists they work with. This includes communcations in both directions, outward and inward.