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What is genomics,
and why is it important ?

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Genomics: building new tools against disease

These are severe diseases.

Often debilitating or fatal.

Difficult to predict.

Often painful and very expensive to manage.

These diseases affect many millions of people every year.

Yet, doctors and patients, working together, do have tools that can aid in prevention.

The challenge is to get these tools to the right patients at the right time.

The better we do that ... the more patients we can save.


Genomics can help ...


Genomics: Beginning a new age in biomedicine

Genomics: building a new science.
Genomics: creating new tools to aid in disease prediction.
Genomics: finding new ways to:
... target prevention to the
    right patients
... reduce disease rates
... and reduce medical costs.

That's genomics. Want to know more ?